Already getting high and drunk. Yay. Victor is a heavy but light sleeper! Meaning… He won’t wake up but he also won’t shuffle around for ages and moan n groan and snoar like Katrina and Mon do!


Well, living on the couch of these degenerate hoodlums for the last 30 days is rubbing off on me and I feel no motive to go out there and get something great out of life.

Kidding! Im churning out awesome experiences like butter!

I am the baker. Butterman Baker.

Anyway. Where to go from here? Thailand?

Davy is here in Melbourne and he is so cute!

But Davy no call me so i think SAS must think for herself and do what she loves!

I turned down hot hot shower sex with stranger and i regret it!

Im so jealous of people who have their shit together (aka money and knowing how to use it) but I strive, i strive!

I feel judged! I’m so shy but I love singing so much that i just don’t care what these niggers think of me. I just wanna shine.

And I do. I shine like a skinny, bright, awkward star, lighting up the most embarrassing moments!

… Or lightening up, à votre soi.

Yeah, Jeff’s been really good to me. He gave me a home, a family, and love. Ahhhhhh. How perfect it all is!

And my gig with Rastaman was epic in its own way.

First of all, we drive 2 hours out of town to this beautiful mansion in the countryside by the lake.

Then i meet the crew, and one friend of said crew starts clinging to me right away! And im like ‘noooooo’

Oh man he was kinda cute but really intense! nonono

But the gig was good. Wedding party. Drunk ass mofos; classy ladies.

Anyway, Ras had me sing my little heart out, it was relieffing.

And when i saw those bright shining faces in the crowd lovingly gazing at me I felt… Ohh! I felt beautiful!

So it was a party after with vodka slushies, etc…

Slept in one of the 7 bedrooms, hottie was in the bed next to mine when i woke up…