Tom asked me to play a gig with him in the charming municipality of… wait for it… Warrnambool… Yes that the real name of a place. Its a 3hr drive away from Melbourne so we got real close to each other… Uncomfortably close… Just kidding,

He’s an awesome guy and musician, though very critical, but we get along really great.

We played the gig at ‘the loft’ to max 17 people.

The owners were so nice though and gave us 20$ each and a bottle of wine, shower and breakfast in the morning.

Kinda rainy, but a nice time! We slept in his van and talked about looove.

It was funny. I told him about Davy and he told me that Davy will be playing this night in the city, opening for an album launch.

I want to see him!

I just have this gig in Brunswick with Rastaman, the reggae band, on the same night. Cecilia’s also coming with her harp.

I can make both if i plan it right. Being with Davy again would be so sweet. 

I talked personal with Tom and it was hard for me to open up! 

It’s just hard to explain what i’m really feeling. And what i really want to say. 

We talked about Kyle and how he is fucking up my confidence with his outrageous behavior, and it actually felt better to talk. I felt understood.

I even opened up to Tom about my daddy issues on the way back to town.

And then I went and met Luke and his friends for dinner and a show, which i could Not afford, but cannot say no to sweetie Luke either, who loves me and thinks i’m a great artist. He was all over his ex girlfriend though, cuddling all night, and i didnt even get to chill with him.

I found out he still hangs out with all his exez and that’s just a normal thing. Weird. But admirable!

Anyway i gotta go. Jase wants to go for a walk and i should go out and find gigs. Letz go!