I’m in the car with Tomli and he’s talkin’ cause the cube’s battery is dyin’. And we can’t to music be listenin’.

So now he’s singin’. And i’m writin’. He asked me on another of his road trip adventure gigs, and i’m getting 50 bucks this time. I am moving on up in the world.

There’s even talk of a free meal!

Last night was epic. Rudy and Livia showed up in town and we danced til 3am to Rastaman at bar open.

Haven’t danced so much in ages. I needed it.

I went to Davy’s gig before that, and he said “Hey Mate!” and hugged me and i felt his soft beautiful hair and he smelled so good.

I wanted to say ‘i been thinking about you Davy and i came here to see you’

But instead i mumbled some silly nonsense and i looked at him in his beautiful eyes and wished he could understand all the million things i was feeling. But he didn’t and he left.

I have decided to let it go. I will get hurt if i pursue this. I’m too shy and it’s not worth the embarrassment.

But it was nice for a moment. We had a really nice connection.

Anyway i’m gonna tear up!

Jase got me a gig at the night heron next week! 

I’m super excited because this gig will represent a new me, a new level of my performance. I think! Cause i been working on it and i’m inspired by all the wackness that i’ve been feeling lately..