And the day before.

I have a weed hangover.

At least my eyes are getting back to normal, i think.

But my head is so big and my brain is so small.

The show went well yesterday. I played for about 10-15 people in the courtyard and I was really charming and they really enjoyed it.

The owners kept bringing me wine so I was drunk by the end… And sloppy… But no big deal.

I did a lot of improv which i was pretty proud of.

I just can’t play the same way i used to. I need to do original stuff, or i feel bored and so does everybody else.

I need to find my sound! My own sound!

God i feel like puking. I can’t smoke anymore, no matter how tempting.

I need to focus now. I’m leaving in 3 days and i plan on making 1000$ in a week busking in Perth. I was talking to a guy at a party, like“there is no try. There is do, or do not.”

So this is my plan and i know it’s possible, therefore i do.