Jase is wearing tight black pleather short shorts, a matching cape and a kitty ears tuque (beanie, hat, whatever) with matching high top chuck taylors and calf high socks.

And my white parasol for good measure.

And I’m wearing pink jogging pants, blue frilly socks and my ballerina pink shoes, matched with my green “black power” T-shirt with mohamed ali on it that Nicolas gave me, paired with large, dark blue open button down men’s shirt from Zara and my little leather backpack.

Haha, we so cute.

Rob’s dressed normal, but he’s the one making the delivery. Now we’re trying to remember which door is Will’s.


Sometimes you fall in love with people and you don’t even realize that it happened, until you’re about to not be around them anymore, 

But that’s good because you never had time to overthink the relationship and ruin it in the process.

So I’m grateful for Jason and his beauty and his friendship and his cleverness.