about how lovely it is to love everyone around you, support them and accept them as they are; never think bad things about  people…

It’s fuckin hard to do. But imagine that world; where you only see the good in everyone, ever.

Cause i’m thinking about Koh Phangan, where people tend to be positive and free thinkers, and switched on to the way the world works;

And when i’m there i find myself more open and loving, but even still, i’ve made judgements on people there, i’ve wished they were different; i’ve had disagreements.

So now i’m coming into it like,

How bout i look at everyone, ever from now on, as though they are a perfect and wonderful being, as they are, no matter what.

It’s fucking hard to do because muhfuckers piss me off so often.

But actions aren’t who one really is.

Who one really is is deeper than that.

So i’ve booked my flight to KP for february 10th.

I’m in Perth now and i made 120$ today in 1.5 hrs!

Nice one.

Yeah so i started up my Tinder again; talking to a guy i talked to 8 months ago, and he’s like: I wish to be naked with you

And me in my head i’m like:

Me too.

He is Hot. He is Haaat. Like Fayah!

Umm his eyes are gorgeous.

And then he snapped me a pic of his dick!

I was like “uhh could you not?”

Anyway i feel so out of it with this casual internet hooking up thing, 

I just wanna have a nice time, meet someone really cool who finds me irresistible, and have amazing sex…

Anyway I still might meet him.

I am so horny, and he is like…