heading towards Kuala Lumpur!

My passport expires in less than six months so the bastards at Air Asia forced me to buy a new ticket to Phuket for 230$, because i’m not allowed to get into Malaysia. That ticket costs 25$ online but “airport fees”. Fuckers.

Anyway, change of plans… I guess i’ll get to see Phuket.

And by the way, i never ended up meeting that tinder boy Bradley but I learned that I had so much fun sending pictures and videos of me touching myself that I bought a webcam and decided to try out camming. The money can be really good, and i need it now because i only have about 250$ left!

My last night in Perth was really fun at least, my friends and I showed up at Indi bar on open mic night and the hostess had me go up and sing some songs.

I sang “would u still love me if i had a dick” and it went over really well. People really love that song, and i get great feedback in general for my music. I’m getting better at improvising, and ‘working the crowd’ as michael put it. I’m really proud of that actually.

When i sing i can transcend time and space and reality and get to the bottom of what the world really is.

I’m free, i’m released, and it gets better and better as I become more relaxed. 

Now i’m hoping i can make enough money as a camgirl to buy better equipment and travel better.

I’m a bit ashamed, but at the same time, my sexuality is a really strong part of me that i’ve denied myself for a long time. I’m not innocent and I can’t pretend.

I don’t want to see it as ‘wrong’ any more.

This is my life and i’m gonna do it and enjoy myself like i can.