It’s 3:42 PM and I have already been on 3 buses today. Finally this is the last bus. We get to Don Sak in an hour and then take the ferry to my beloved Koh phangan! Then we gotta catch a cab to Sri Thanu. I imagine we can be there by 8:30. That’s a 12 hour travel day. Not to mention that I slept on the airport floor the night before last because the layover to Phuket was 12 hours. Anyway. It’ll all be over soon.

I made a really sweet friend on the way. Her name is Nam and she’s been keeping me company and teaching me Thai words which I wrote down in my little book. She’s going to KP for the infamous full moon party tonight.

I don’t really wanna go but Casa might want to so we can film the ‘I.T.J’ music video there. He says it’s raining though so it might not be the best time. He hired a real videographer for this thing! Haha.

Last night I rented a room in Phuket and I cammed for the first time. It was actually really fun and easy.

People were giving me so many compliments and encouragements.

After 48 minutes (apparently) I was tired and people weren’t tipping me enough to make the goal i was asking for to take my panties off, so I stopped it short, after having made about 7$ and 77 new followers.

This is really exciting. I wanna do it again tonight but I just got my period. I think I’ll make real money once I gain experience and followers. Maybe sell sexy pics and my snapchat id…