Tonight I perform at this showcase for an agency who hired me to play gigs around the island and Thailand.

I’m excited to meet some new people. I think it’s gonna be really fun.

Rod wants to organize this show on Friday at Rasta Home. He was over at the house this morning. He is So cute, and really nice, but i feel Weirdly uncomfortable around him. We were gonna go to Rasta Home together to talk to the people, but he bailed!

It’s like he says he’s interested in creating something, but he doesn’t mean it!

Anyway who cares, i’m still doing Rasta Home and it’s gonna be great. Plus i been jamming with these fckn amazing guitarists on the beach and i get better just watching them!

And there was a pretty cute guy at zen beach yesterday, named Bodhi, whom i’ve met a few times. He does yoga and slack line, and he is really really nice.

He said that he was watching me jam, and he thought ‘This girl is wild!’

Like… he’s not the hottest guy on the island. He looks a bit old, but his smile is so sweet, and i like how much he likes me! He made me fly yesterday on the sand. I’m down to lower my standards a bit for a guy who genuinely wants to spend time with me and get to know me. Of course!

And he’s really cool. I wanna go find him now to maybe slackline with him but i borrowed Jim’s bike and i don’t want him to not have it when he needs it, cuz i want to keep borrowing it. I love my Jimbé what a fuckin standup guy. Siggh 🙂