way too fast here.

Friday was Rasta Home, and we played a short set with Jimbe and Casa and Ale. It went pretty well.

I feel so confident when i’m playing.

I just honestly do not give a Fuuuuck what people think of my music. I know why I do what I do. I know what  I wanna say.

So we partied like mad and i was having the time of my life as I usually do at that party. Smoking mad joints being passed around like candy.

The twins got me wasted 😚 and I was dancing, and this pretty cute guy started talking to me, and I thought he was really interesting because he had a really different perspective than most people i know.

He talked to me about some theory of the limited human contact we have in life, like when we give each other hugs usually they’re kinda shallow, because we don’t take the time to really feel the person. So you need about 20 seconds to really feel the connection. Or something like that. I was drunk. I don’t exactly remember.

So anyway he asked if we could try it. And we hugged, and i melted in his arms like a chocolate bar on a hot summer’s day. And after it was done, I couldn’t even remember my own name. I was totally bewildered and confused, and then someone spoke to me and i snapped out of it and kept dancing.

A bit later Petter came back (he’s from Sweden and i think that’s a name there) to tell me he was leaving, and i said ok and we hugged, but it was another 20 second hug and it was so intense that we couldn’t stop. I said ‘oh no! Now we’re addicted to hugging each other!’

Honestly i thought he’s cast me on some kind of spell, because I was suddenly couldn’t get enough of this dude i Just met! And he said that he felt something really strong and he didn’t want to leave!

And i said ‘you’re really cute but i can’t make any commitments or promises..’ And he was like ‘fine. I’m all bout being in the moment’

‘Good. Me too’

And we had a great time not talking about our past, and just being ourselves with each other and kissing and hugging, and he reeaally wanted to come home with me.

So then i started feeling a bit bad because I was meant to see Bodhi in the morning to go Kayaking, and I like him too!

But that night i just kept following the moment and it was so much fun i had to keep it going! So i left with Petter, even though i couldn’t find my guitar case anywhere. I just left it there, with my guitar, and said i’d bring get it next day. Even though it had all my money in it.

So Petter and I came back to my house together and we made love and it was really really nice.

But then at like 9am I had to kick him out to get ready to go hangout with Bodhi! He looked a little confused but he added me to Facebook and he kissed me and then i went straight to l’Alcove to meet Bodhi.

Oh yeah and i didn’t sleep. Petter and I had sex about three times, and there were brief hours in between where i just held him and cuddled him or maybe dozed, but i definitely didn’t sleep.

So i found Bodhi at l’Alcove and he was smiling and so cute with his South African accent, and he was so happy to go on a boat and so was I! And then we went and we paddled to Ignacio’s boat and had Maté with this sweet girl Nicole, and then we paddled to Zen beach.

I was getting weird vibes from him, like i was tryna flirt but he wasn’t responsive.

So finally i straight up asked him… If he was afraid of me! And he didn’t really wanna talk. I could tell he was pretty shy or something. But i wasn’t, i got nothing to lose. I told him that i find him beautiful and that i like him. And it made him really embarrassed. It was kinda cute. I called him out for it because he’s the one who was Always trying to talk to me and hang out with me in the first place. Anyway i got him to warm up to me and we held each other in the water and kissed and it was really soft and nice.

And after that he wanted to hold my hand and play footsie, and we had lunch and then we went to his house for a nap. And he has a great view just on the beach of the sunset so we cuddled all day, watched the sunset and then when it was dark we made love. It was pretty wonderful in it’s own way. He looked so serious and he asked me if i was ok. And he was so beautiful when he was making love to me i think i fell all the way in love with him.

Later he drove me to Rasta Home where i got my guitar and stuff. Everything was there, and on the way back we had Locco’s pizza, and Thai-Jimi was playing there. He asked me up to do a couple songz and then the owner asked me if I would play a gig there!

Bodhi was so proud of me, he told me that he really admires me and wishes he could do what I do!
It was all just perfect and so nice!