like an idiot. I have a gig at Loccos in 2 hours. L’alcove asked me to play to but i haven’t heard back after i replied.

I had a repeat night with Petter. It was weird. It was cool but not as much as the first night, for some reason..

But i’m really interested in him still. He left for Sweden today. I’m pretty sad. He is a really interesting fellow. He said he would be back, though…

But we spent the night again and the sex was great. Except he wants to finish really fast and i won’t let him so he gets frustrated. But whatever. Im not down for 5 minute sex. Especially if i don’t even come. I need it to last a really long time at least. Besides, it feels so good, why would we rush it? Being with an amazing man with soft skin… Getting to look at him and feel him, it’s the most amazing thing in the world. 

But he left this morning.

And Bodhi showed up to my gig last night, with some chick, and stayed two minutes.

Later i found out she’s Prem, who gets paid to give spiritual penis massages and root chakra openings by way of finger in the butthole.

Which she did on Nij and Dave.


So i really like Bodhi but i think we’re just gonna be friends. We’re not that compatible. Unless he wants to hook up again, that’d be cool.