And then i stepped into Anutta to find two cute guys’ legs all tied up with bandages and crutches…

Oh and the other day, Some huge fucked up creature attacked me while i was driving around here. It was the shape of a spider, but with metallic blue wings. It clung to my shoulder and i freaked and ripped it off, now i have a huge red itchy patch on my arm. Sigh.

Omg the guy sitting in front of me is soooo Wow. I just can’t stop staring.

Fuck. But he’s not looking at me at. All. But wow though. Wow.

Speaking of hotties, Petter sent me a really nice song that he recorded on his uke!

He is so sweet and i really like him!

I hope i get to know him some day… 💫✨🌟

I’m singing on a sunset boat dinner snorkeling cruise today!

I’m gonna snorkel, and sing, and get payed, have a grand ole time.

I just gotta get into it,

I feel a little sleepy.

Studying jazz chords to teach to some Russian dude who wants guitar lessons from me (aka: wants to date me) For 800b per hour.