without writing. I must be a busy girl! Moved into the dingiest shack in koh phangan with critters, ants, spiders, scorpion!

At least I have a mosquito net full of holes. Small holes, so the big bugs can’t get through. 

I been camming a lot lately.

Found a new studio that has a network of people to help me out.

But i still made zero money. And i’m getting bored. I’m just turning myself on getting in my sexiest underwear and i haven’t gotten to properly jerk off for anyone yet, which was my original motive.

But it’s nice to be made to feel beautiful and sexy by honest guys who just like a friend…

But i want money! I think i have an idea.

I’m gonna play guitar next time. I have 2 gigs tonight so I’ll practice my set on cam. Two birds one stone. Tell you how it goes.