Didn’t go good. A guy told me I sucked and ‘this isn’t YouTube’.

Anyway today i’m on my period and i feel the farthest away from sexy one can feel.

I found this Louise Hay book that the chick who was here in this house before me left behind. It’s called ‘heart thoughts’, full of beautiful affirmations.

I started saying them out loud and couldn’t get through one without crying, so i tried again with more confidence, and soon i was saying them loudly and proudly and the painful shameful feelings were weirdly morphing into ecstatic joy.

So i been feeling very pure and confident since yesterday. Wrote a rap verse in french to my new song ‘living the dream’ which talks about how i’m ready now to create the reality i dreamed, and it’s coming true.

There’s a Goddess sunset full moon celebration on tonight which I’m looking forward to. Should be fun, or at least funny