…to find a big spider, and what i think is the same fucked up creature that bit me last week, having a showdown. The black thing with blue wings and a shiny red bum was vibrating as it circled the immobile spider. It was so fucked up that I couldn’t do anything but walk away, and hope they would go away.

they did, but next time I found a gigantic cockroach just chilling there.

Again. Ignore. Accept. Don’t panic. At least it’s not in my room. Oh wait! Now there’s one in my room too.

Thank God for my mosquito net full of only small holes. 

At least the beaten up old raggedy bitten off tail cat that lives here doesn’t scream for attention as much as it used to whenever I show up, or invite his psychotic red-haired friend to come jump on the roof, knock shit down, force it’s way into the room and demand food! (Which i don’t give, of course) 

They can eat the bugs!

I had a gig last night at Locco’s pizza again. I invited Mathieu because he does a really good job on cajon and people love it. I should probably give him some of my tips, actually, but he’s down to do it for free because he loves to play and he really likes me.

I admit i get turned on when he looks at me like that, his smile is so cute when his eyes get all thin…

But i don’t think we’re right for each other. I showed him a video of a lion and a dog licking each other and he told me it was fake and that i’m naive!


And he kept asking me so many questions about my past.. it was so boring.

But he holds my hand and he kisses it infinitely, and he calls me his, and he calls me beautiful, and as I was about to ride away on my scooter at the end of the night, i hugged him goodbye, and he held me so tight, and he was so happy, and he wouldn’t let go, and he kissed my neck so many times, and when i let go i looked into his bright eyes and so I snogged him.

We snogged and it was nice. Really nice. And we’ll see each other again tonight if l’Alcove gets back to me and I end up playing there.

And i’m looking forward to it.

It’s just a little scary when you have someone that likes you so much and you can tell he’s always gonna want to know what you’re doing, and be with you, and talk to you, and ask you questions; meanwhile you’re trying to be independent, make money, live your own life, be strong in your own way… i can’t have that kind of pressure on me!