to write something good because i got people reading it.

 But the whole point was that i can really say what i want without mind. The things that i can’t tell people!

Oh but it’s still hard to say. All the things that i don’t know the words to. 

At least i just wanna remember that i had fun. And that i’m a real person. And that maybe i can be loved for who i am.

Even if i’m so strange.

We went snorkelling yesterday with Dre cause he loves it.

I love it too!

It was the most epic and deep experience within myself to discover the most beautiful world, that i don’t even notice is around me and exists in perfect balance and nature.

There was clown fish and blue fish and yellow stripey ones, and multi-colored ones. So magical. I learned to dive deep down. You have to swallow every couple feet so that your ears don’t explode.

Dre left today. I was pretty sad about it. He is gorgeous and smart and interesting and a great friend and i loved spending time with him and talking. He is such a confident worldly person and i admire a lot of things about him, and he makes me laugh. He’s like me; he gets why everything is funny.

Anyway, out with the old, in with the new, he said.

I’m meeting Mathieu at sunset. For dinner. He always wants to see me and kiss me and snuggle me as much as i want! It’s brilliant.

I’m so lucky. I’m actually surrounded by brilliant genuine loving creative people who make a difference in the world. It’s incredible.