it’s like… you have to accept me as i am, i mean i know i’m weird, i know i suck at a lot of things, i can be annoying and ‘princessy’. I’m confusing, always in my own world… but anyway,

If you’re gonna deal with me, you’re gonna deal with all of me. And i can’t tell you which of me you’re gonna get at any given time, that’s up to you.

So there. I know i’m not that good. I just wanna BE, ok? 

I feel something so special when i’m with Mathieu that i wanna cry. He is so good to me! He hugs me all i want and kisses me as much as i want and always does little things to make me feel good.

Last night we tried to build a fire but made love on the beach instead. I was wearing his jacket. It was amazing. The moon was glistening with all the stars, and the fishing boats in the distance.

It was so good. I’m falling in love with him. He wants to take me diving. He’s a diving instructor. I’m so excited to go!

Omg but yesterday i found out he has a four month old son with a Thai girl! 

Who pulled a knife on him!


Well i gotta get this web cam modeling thing going because i don’t have much time left here. I just gotta really optimize my time to get the best of both worlds.

Hang out with my friends and do all the fun party jam stuff so they don’t catch on that behind closed doors i’m masturbating on camera for money.