Maggots. Crawling. In. My. Bed. 

That’s it i’ve had it! I can’t keep living like this !!

I was on web cam for 6 hours today and i made seven dollars.

It was really slow.


Yesterday i chatted to a married guy who masturbated and came on his wedding ring in front of me. But first he showed me a picture of his lovely wife. 

He was hot, too… but that day i already had done like 3 private shows, so i couldn’t easily cum again.

Anyway he wants to corrupt me and turn me into a bad girl. And pay me real money. Spoil me. 

What am i getting myself into!

A hot married man who says he’ll think of me while he fucks his wife.

I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

Meanwhile, Mathieu is getting on my nerves. He calls me all the time and wants to see me everyday, and i’m like…

I don’t have the time! I don’t even see my other friends because i wanna get good at camming, so i wanna spend time on it.

Well, anyway. Life is crazy.