Wise words from my friend Luke, when Neesy told him she wasn’t good at relationships. 

Mind you she’s been married, had a child, and has had relationships that lasted years!

I used to be so ashamed of the fact that i’ve never had a relationship with a guy that lasted more than a couple months. 

I admit it still pulls a slight twinge in my heart thinking about it. 

I mean it’s my dream to love a guy, feel good with him, feel safe with him, and that we have something strong !

Wait, where was i going with this?

Right.. something like, i really took Luke’s advice to heart that day.

And i just wanna say that i feel amazing as who i am now. I love myself and that’s the greatest relationship i could ask for.

I feel loved and secure and warm and sure! Because my love is just free, and i have so much to give, and i don’t need assurance from someone else that i am also loved. That’s true love.

And i like to think that being myself applies to everything i do. When i play music, when i cam, when i… do my hair in the morning…

Just being myself works.

There’s no mold.

It’s the simplest thing.

But accepting myself. As i am.

That was the hardest thing, and my greatest joy and accomplishment.

On a funnier note, I was just minding my own business when i got a Snapchat of Tinder boy Brad’s dick with the caption “me horny.”

“Yay!” I said, and i started getting naked and snapping sexy pictures,

and then he sent me a video of himself stroking his dick,

and then i sent him a video of me touching myself,

and he said “OMG!!”

And then i sent him an up-close of my pussy,

and then there was silence.

for 3 minutes.

I was so horny and had planned another three hot poses.

and then 3 minutes more passed…


Me: Brad have I lost you?!
Brad: I’m watching a movie.

And that was it.

I need better cyber sex friends.

but that story’s for next time…