‘tI made myself a nice itinerary for the day, yesterday. Go to the Embassy, ask about getting my passport renewed, go to the cellular provider shop and ask them why they are screwing me over, and how can it be stopped, and go to Western Union to take out 95$ CAD which is all I have LEFT, until i get paid by camming, which is in two weeks. Great.
So I mapped out my whole trip, with the buses to take and everything, and I go outside, and I remember that it’s Saturday, and it’s Songkran, and the Canadian Embassy will most likely be clos-ed.
So then a funny little man rides past me on his motorbike, and splashes water on me, and I laugh, and then he asks me where I’m going. So i explain to him, and he confirms that they will definitely be closed. Then he invites me to China Town for lunch, and tells me that he’ll drive me to Western Union.
I agreed, and we drove to China town to some hidden back alley, and we had lovely dishes of soup, rice with tofu, vegetables with little pork crumbles, etc. It was really deliciously filling, as I honestly have not had a proper meal since arriving in Bangkok. I just been eating 7/11 junk food, cereal, and a pretty gross “street meat on a stick” for 10BAHT (like 50cents CAD).
He told me that he’s a master astrologer and famous people all over Thailand come to him. He’s had audience with the King, and he’s been on TV. He’s quite an interesting character, he reminded me a bit of a little troll.
He said that I was beautiful and he can probably find me work as a model or actress or something. I was like “yeah yeah sure” But we finished our meal, and then he took me back to his place for tea.
Back at his place, he took out a thick dark green carpet like table mat, and placed it on the table. Then he took out his Tarot cards and instructed me to cut them this way and that, and then pick 21 cards. He then proceded to read my fortune.
I don’t remember everything. It was all pretty fast and there is a language barrier, so i didn’t catch every single word. But he said a few very insightful things.
Like he caught on that I had money problems, but that they were getting better. “this is how you make your money” he said, and showed me the card: “the star” with a picture of a naked woman on it.
“By selling your body, by selling yourself.”
I didn’t tell him what i do. I told him i’m a singer, so we interpreted it as that. He also said that i’m very sexual, naughty, and i’m like a butterfly, and basically promiscuous, in not so many words. In a past life i was a king and i had many many wives. Now they are paying me back in this life.
He saw that there was an older Thai man that would help me. But I had to be willing to receive help. He saw that i’m headstrong and i don’t listen to anybody but myself. That i’m lazy, i don’t like to work hard, and that i just go from one country/job/relationship to the next because i get bored, and i can’t focus on a thing.
Here’s where the real crazy comes in:
He reckons that in my past life, he was one of my wives, and now he’s here to help me. He was dead serious. He offered to help me find a job, give me a ring, and let me stay in his home for free. He says that he had a premonition about me weeks ago, while he was meditating, and just then when he saw me, his heart dropped and he absolutely had to talk to me.
As he said this, his eyes started tearing up, and he began stroking my hair, lovingly. Then he showed me the rest of his home, and the balcony on the top floor. There he kept lightly touching my back, playing with my nose and telling me he loves my hair, and tried to kiss me.
You should have seen the intensity in this guy’s eyes.
I backed off, I said no, and went back downstairs, while he called me “naughty” again, and he gave me his number and drove me back to my hotel.

I need a place to stay for the next couple weeks.