Ten days ago i posted on the Bangkok musicians group of Facebook that i was looking for a good spot to busk, and to know if anyone had an amp i could borrow. I also included a video of me singing.

Due to the angry replies from farangs (foreigners) that farangs (foreigners) should be ashamed of themselves for begging on the street; oh and a Share by Mathieu’s angry thai baby-mama ex, calling me a bitch and stuff, i deleted the post.

But not before a musician from Cameroun saw it, liked my singing and sent me a message so that we could link up and write/record at his home studio.

I was down with the idea but i been so busy the last few days, cramming in some cam action that i never met up with him.

He was real polite though, and messaged me to make sure i was ok.

Finally i told him that i’m having money issues and i need a place to stay. He told me he’s got me and not to worry about it.

Thank god because i was about to call the creepy ‘master astrologer’ who thinks i’m his husband from a past life, and needs to help me in this one, and fuck me too while he’s at it.

But no need for all that.

I went and spent a few hours at Derick’s house and we hit it off quite well.

He offered to let me crash a few days, and we already recorded a new song he’s writing.

He’s very talented and cool and nice. He loves my stuff and he’s really inspiring me to get myself out there.

That ‘astrologer’ from before really freaked me out… he was clearly insane. He told me he’d been a monk, though. Aren’t monks supposed to be wise, zen and good?

I’ve never gotten that feeling from any monk i’ve seen in Thailand. Their auras are usually shady as hell. It looks to me like they are straight sinners plainly disguised as holy men.

Anyway, off topic.

I’m saved! I didn’t know how i was gonna survive the next weeks until i get my masturbation pay check, but now i have a couch to sleep on.

Rock on