…It takes an hour by bus during rush hour to go where the BTS skytrain would take you in five minutes. 

Man, Thai girls have funny styles. They go around in Snoopy themed fitted pajamas as though they were dressed up. And furry platform slippers…?

Anyway. I try to avoid BTS because it’s expensive for me! 

Today i went and jammed in front of a Tesco Lotus for 1h 1/2. I did well. But i got tired. I have to sing and play so loud just to get heard!

With the money I earned I’m buying myself an amp tomorrow so i can play in the noisy streets and try to make More money!

I’ve already recorded some tracks with Derick and we posted a video on Facebook, to good feedback.

Now we have to release the song and make a legit music video.

I got a gig out of it, too.

A rapper heard me and wants me to sing on and help produce one of his tracks.

My Mathieu came to Bangkok last weekend to visit me!

He took me out on the town like a proper tourist!

We ate at Jamie Oliver’s italian restaurant. With entrées and a bottle of Chardonnay and everything! 

My spaghetti Carbonara was the yummiest i’ve ever had!

Then we went swimming on a rooftop pool and had fancy drinks there, too. It was so romantic and i felt like a princess. We went and saw some live music at this really nice sky view rooftop bar called 8 on eleven, which was expensive as fuck but gorgeous! And he rented lovely rooms for us with comfy soft beds where we made love so many times!

It was such a magical weekend with him and I am so grateful for his love!

He is so good to me and so attentive. He’s starting to get to know me and he knows how to talk to me, what i don’t like, and how to make me feel good. Even if i don’t talk much. He knows what i’m like and he always accepts me like I am, with all my flaws. And i do the same for him. And I am loved!!!!