What’s with people saying ‘na na na’ in pop songs for years… as though it were words…
like, when did that become a thing? It’s like the scatting of our generation. Means nothing, but everyone’s doing it, so hey!
It’s cool!

I don’t write anymore because everything i want to write about is Mathieu.
And I’m not a slut anymore anyway… i don’t think.
I thought i was, or that it would be fun to be, but right now i’m so focused on my purpose that sex and guys are just an annoying distraction i keep having to dodge.
Ludwig is the only other guy that i would even consider hanging with at this point; well, maybe Felix too, but that’s it. Anyway, we are all very busy, so.
So..things have been tense here at Walter’s. i left a sock on the bathroom floor for Two Days! And i heard about it for two hours!
I was just like ‘ohh!!! I was wondering where that damn sock was!’
I never saw my sock again.
And i needed it to sleep because it gets damn cold here at night!
It’s ok. I bought a new blanket. I’m fine now.
I got a job!!! It’s like camming, but instead of seducing men and getting naked, you sing for them!
That suits me much better.
The camming world is.. seedy. And once you get into it, it’s like… your life! I don’t want to put that much effort into it. Plus you have to hide, and lie, and you have creepy dreams about being watched in your sleep… nononono.
But yeah. Berlin is a lovely place, and i’ve been rediscovering it as a part time busker. I’m earning good coin and I’m improving a Lot so it’s all good. No complaints over here.
Except for the lost of my beloved sock. Wherefore art thou, O sock!