Aaaaaahhh i got a new battery for my phone so i don’t have to keep it charged 24/7 lest it die right when I’m looking at maps to find the studio where I’m recording.
Dude! I found an amazing producer who’s creating my track ‘destiny’ for me! He is so good and it’s sounding amazing! I’m so proud!
Also I’m finding new busking spots and that’s going great as well!
Walter is making me leave in 5-6 days, a few days before the month is up. It’s not fair but he’s been acting really mean to me. I thought we were friends but it’s like he disowned me. He doesn’t talk to me except to be hurtful.
It’s ok. It’s just something i have to get through. It’s challenging me to really step up my game. I pledged to make 500€ before the end of that week. So at least if i’m out on my ass, i have money. And i don’t hold it against Walt. Maybe he’s going through a tough time.
Life is a game. You play the cards you’re dealt. You lose some, you learn some, but this time i’m ready to Win!